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The relationship of structural features and physical properties is the basis for driving the solid state to a desired functionality. Thus, it is crucial to undergo a structural characterization of the material. The optimal tool for an atomically resolved structure analysis of a single nano crystal is the method ADT, the first 3D ED method providing a scan of the reciprocal space, developed in our group at the EMZ-M in Mainz. A second group was established at the TU Darmstadt.

If you are educated in materials science, geosciences, physics or chemistry and you fancy crystallography as well as the work on a high resolution tool like an transmission electron microscope you may feel at place in our group.

Master: Applications are always possible. Contact us

PhD: If you would like to apply as a PhD student the prerequisite is a masters degree or equivalent in a natural science (Physics, chemistry, geoscience, materials science). Good knowledge in crystallography is desirable as well as knowledge in dealing with Python and Matlab programming. Electron microscopic skills are helpful, but not required.

For inquiry of the availability please Contact us